Meah ∙ Emmy
/meɪ-yahː/ ∙ /ˈemi/

1) self-proclaimed crank

2) the embodiment of weird, hyper, snark, and crazy, unified and trapped in a tiny vessel of a 19 yr old fangirl who owns a multi-fandom blog.

maybe I should make edits of food

Sep 01 · 1 year ago · 1 note
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why do you ship a pairing? I mean, can’t you car or boat it? or maybe plane it? like why

remember that time when I said I would do the 365 project and make sure I accomplish it? 

oh I didn’t?

I see. No wonder I stopped doing it 23141 days ago. 


my birthday’s turning out to be not so bad after all.

Let’s just hope the good vibes continue until the end of… the month. HAHA.

Aug 10 · 1 year ago
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I’m so whiny.

Jul 30 · 1 year ago
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Can I not celebrate my birthday?

I don’t feel like celebrating anyway and I have no idea what to do. My excitement is now gone so really, I don’t see a reason as to why I should celebrate my 18th birthday.

Jul 30 · 1 year ago
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This essay is full of nonsense.

I swear to God I’m too lazy to do this and it’s so fucking redundant and I can’t function properly. I hate this. 

Jul 29 · 1 year ago
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