On the Heroes of Olympus animatic


ahhhhhhh, so a number of people have expressed interest in the ‘Heroes of Olympus animatic’ PJO fandom project! I’m freaking psyched about this gahhh it might take a few years or so but I really hope it doesn’t die out! So, I’m going to lay down some really really really early guidelines so that we can get started in the future!

  • For future reference, anything related to the HOO animatic will be tagged ‘HOO animatic’ (yeah, creative, but it’s easy to remember)
  • So anything like auditions, character concept art, scenery, etc, that stuff should be tagged accordingly. 
  • Yeah I’m not starting this any time soon because I’m swamped with school work, but hopefully I’ll have time later this year to get it on!
  • You guys want to vote on particular art styles? I know we probably can’t get the big names in the PJO fandom like Burdge or Viria; (but hey if you guys see this please consider it?)
  • To be clear, an animatic is actually REALLY crude, so all we really need are key frames! Maybe some scenes will be properly animated, but that’s all really time-consuming and none of us really have any time for that unless we’re full-time animators.
  • Voice actors: Ready your lozenges, drink some water, and bring on your sexy Piper voice, your smashing Jason vocals and that cheeky Leoness. Also, Gleeson. Gleeson is very important. Dump it all in the HOO animatic tag. Those will be treated as auditions, and we’ll get the fandom to vote on who’s voice they want.
  • I think the first scene to be animated should be the first chapter, yes?
  • There are a number of roles for artists; we need: character animation, scenery artists, shading and colouring, directing. 
  • I haven’t decided on any program for animating yet, but either flash or adobe photoshop/after effects can do the trick.
  • Each chapter will be an episode.
  • If you want in on this, also make a note of that in the ‘HOO animatic’ tag, and I’ll add you to. Specify a role, and I’ll add you to a list! (a post in which I’ll keep on the tag and a page on my blog)
  • Also, if you’re in this project for real and in the long run, it’d help to keep a link to whatever you’ve contributed on your blog! 

Yeah, so… Can we greenlight this project? I know it may sound ambitious, but  I really want this to happen. Hey, maybe Disney Hyperion may pick it up as a cartoon series!!!! (hahahahh i don’t think so but it may seem like an Avengers kind of thing, and everyone’s into Avengers so..)  Yay, hi guys can you reblog this?

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