Meah ∙ Emmy
/meɪ-yahː/ ∙ /ˈemi/

1) self-proclaimed crank

2) the embodiment of weird, hyper, snark, and crazy, unified and trapped in a tiny vessel of a 19 yr old fangirl who owns a multi-fandom blog.
Raggedy Man… Goodbye
"Thalia can flash those blue eyes, give me one kind word, and she can get me to do pretty much whatever.” — Luke Castellan, Demigod Diaries

"Uh, my name is Ben Barnes and I’m an actor. And I say ‘Uh’ before every sentence. ‘Uh, my name is Ben Barnes.’"


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Proposal


hi Lauren hi

look I made you a gif of Harry and 1D