I’m so lazy that I can’t even finish this sent


I did all my homework except for one…

And it’s an essay that has to be 2 pages long (but given the format it’ll be easy to fill those 2 pages)

but the topic.

I’m too lazy to start it


Anonymous asked:

☺ Þ § ♬ c:

☺= One phobia.


♬ = Favorite song.

I have a lot but I’ll mention one: Walk in the Sun by McFly

§ = How do you feel?

Lazy and Productive at the same time. Is that even possible?

Þ = Favorite film.

I have too many! ;~; Uh.. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Whenever I look at other people’s posts and see their tags, I go “Oh wow, I should organize my blog and do the same thing” but then I never do it.