Meah ∙ Emmy
/meɪ-yahː/ ∙ /ˈemi/

1) self-proclaimed crank

2) the embodiment of weird, hyper, snark, and crazy, unified and trapped in a tiny vessel of a 19 yr old fangirl who owns a multi-fandom blog.

This gif is slowly taking over my life.

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I realized I liked collecting gifs because moving pictures. That didn’t even make any sense.

But yes, maybe I’ll collect more gifs and post it for fun. If I’m not too lazy. 

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Barbara Palvin gifs

Because I feel so generous and I don’t know why I have so many gifs of Barbara Palvin

Also none of them are mine because I can’t make gifs. I should really learn how to make gifs.

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When it’s my birth month~

This is me when someone reminds me that my birthday is near…

…when my friends continue to remind me of my birthday…

… a few hours before my birthday…

… when someone starts to greet me on the day of my birthday…

…when someone gives me a gift or surprises me…

…after my birthday (and for the rest of the year)…


oh my god.

“Oh Bellatrix dear, I’m so sorry for calling you a bitch.”

“Aw, Molly, come here, hugs all around.”