I really wish that Lindsey Morgan will be playing Brenda. I don’t want another white actress to play her since we already have Teresa and I’ve always pictured Brenda as a POC.

“Director Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner is an impressive riff on the Lord of the Flies archetype, blending boys’ survival stories with fantastical genre elements into a stew that is frankly more successful than I expected. It’s an exciting and engaging science-fiction horror story that just happens to be based on a popular YA literary franchise. It is violent, scary, and occasionally challenging, while keeping its foot planted in the realm of storytelling and character drama over complicated world-building. It has a stable of strong young actors giving life to relatively stock character types, as well as the maze itself which is an impressive example of big-scale effects on small(er) scale budget and justifies the IMAX Experience if you are so inclined. Putting aside its ambitions as a franchise or its relation to other would-be YA adaptations, The Maze Runner is just a solid piece of sci-fi genre filmmaking.”
- Really great review by Scott Mendelson from Forbes (x)


Ariana Grande sounds like a font on Microsoft Word



Summary: changing feelings; messy drabble

Rating: T (but not really)

Genre: Romance

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